Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Decommissioned Fire Station

old firestation
This is the previous Fire Station No.11 on Frio Street I think. It was closed down to make room for a new and improved version across the street and further south of this location. I wonder what they do with these old buildings? Anyone out there know?


  1. I love old firehouses. Heck, I love new firehouses too. But old firehouses have so much character and often make good other-purpose buildings. Mostly they seem to turn into restaurants....spaghetti restaurants I've seen the most. Weird how that just seems to fit.

  2. Actually I am gonna be working on that building as a school project this semester. It was donated to UTSA and will be restored to be used as a student center for downtown students.

  3. What Anonymous said. I just finished a Window Restoration Workshop where we removed and took apart one of the wood windows and restored it to it's original condition. UTSA's plan is to use it as a student working classroom for workshops like these until it is restored then they might turn it into some sort of student/teacher lounge. It's really interesting inside. I can't help but imagine it as a loft conversion. ;)