Monday, June 02, 2008

Goodbye Jorrie's

Demolition crews have started tearing down the old Jorrie's Furniture Store (later Lack's) at the corner of Quincy and San Pedro [131 San Pedro]. The building has been vacant for many years. The store was founded in 1927 by Rubin Jorrie, an immigrant from Lithuania.

UPDATE, JUNE 7: Here's an article that appeared in today's San Antonio Express-News about the building. CLICK HERE.
I don't have any new pictures because, as of yesterday, it didn't look much different.


  1. Very cool shot. I like the action it shows.

  2. I have yet to see a building actually being demolished. Looks scary and awesome.

  3. I think that guy on the roof might want to move...

    Speaking of roof, was this taken from the Library roof, or the hospital across the street?

    Any idea what they're gonna put there? Its kind of too bad... the building had an interesting facade, even though it was hidden behind that awful metal paneling that Lacks probably put on it.

    Looks like you guys got the scoop here; I can't find any mention in the SA news sites.

    Great shot! I hope we can see some more as it progresses on your flickr photostream.

  4. You can find a few more photos of the demolition process here.

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