Saturday, March 08, 2008

Brick (stack)Houses

Two Brick (stack)Houses
I'm not sure what these things are but I see them when I'm riding along 90 or 151. I like the look of them. They remind me of silos, but who knows what they are. If anyone out there knows feel free to school me.


  1. They're silos. The long, narrow structure behind them looks like a chicken house to me. That whole area out there was all farms and ranches, not all that long ago.

  2. Thanks for the info...I knew someone would know. I don't think I've ever noticed that long structure behind it, and I've passed it by a number of times. My grandfather had a chicken coup in the back of his house when we were growing up, but that was nowhere near this size and he only used it for personal use. I remember them killing the chickens and my grandmother plucking and preparing it. I always made sure I didn't eat any chicken until I knew it was gone, but I did like those fresh chicken eggs-although we did have to take our lives into our hands when we went to get them when for a while, there was a crazy rooster in the chicken house.

    I remember back when I was in high school, the area out that way was basically fields, but it seems like every time we turn around there's something else out there.

  3. Hi Shorty, I got more info on this place. I was wrong about the building being a chicken house.

    I know an elderly man who now lives in the Floresville area. Through my father he passed on to me that he grew up on the dairy that used to be on that place. The building behind the silos was the milking building. All those little square windows were where the milking stalls were. He said when he was a boy, he used to climb on top of the silos and "tight-rope walk" around the rims just for fun.

    Although he's retired now, when I was a kid living in the country near Floresville, he worked for Borden. Sometimes he would give us free ice cream.