Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mad Girls in Kilts

Mad Dog Girls
As you walk down the River Walk or any mall court you get people calling you out trying to get you to go to their restaurant, try their food. In the mall court you get a mix of boys and girls; but while walking along the River my male co-walker mentioned how all the girls along the river are young, cute and good looking. I told him well of course, they want people to notice them and stop. These girls are stationed at Mad Dogs British Pub. I like their kilts and I especially like the girls shoes on the right. As we came back the other way there was a boy with them in a green kilt and I so wanted a photo op. I was going to ask if I could get a pic, but just then a group of people were needing their attention. Maybe next time I'll get a pic of the boy in green.


  1. Is this place fairly new? I don't remember it when I was there about this time 2 years ago. I LOVED San Antonio! I enjoyed walking the Riverwalk every morning and night.

  2. Mo, I didn't know when they opened so I did what anyone else would do, I Googled it. :D According to their website they've been open in San Antonio since January 1995.

    I love SA myself and I've lived here all my life. I walk the Riverwalk quite often, usually in the afternoon, but I don't think I've ever been on it at night.

  3. Interesting post. Not at all what we experienced there a long time ago.

    My wife and I and kids were on River Walk around 1977. It was super hot there and humid and there were not many places open for business.

    To cool off we would dart in one of the stores along the walk who left their doors open and the flood of cold air was like a beacon. Anybody walking past went inside.

    Back then it was also a high crime area and we were staying at the oldest hotel in town across from the Alamo. We were warned there not to linger on the River Walk after dark.

    We never saw pretty girls or pretty guys. It wasn't a pretty place, really.

    Has all of that changed now?

  4. It's lovely down there and worth a revisit. I love the Riverwalk though it is funny, when you live there, you sometimes don't go do there as often as when you don't live there and family and friends come to visit and so then you all trek down there together. It's growing and pretty and also well patroled.

    Shorty, this looks like the place right next to the Hyatt Riverwalk, right?

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