Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mud/Ash Showers

Muddy/Ashy Skies
I had no idea what was going on until I got out of work. I saw the colors of the sky and felt the wind on my skin and was like hmmm, then I noticed the layer of dirt or something on everything. We stopped and put some gas on the way home and I was cleaning off our windshield and windows and my sister and I were discussing what it was. A man at another pump said it was pollen, but I've seen pollen and its usually this almost day glo yellow and kind of puffy looking. I went to Tar-jet next and the people in the lines were talking about it. My nephew even called me asking what it was. Everyone was talking about the end of the world. My sister and I were talking about how it looked like chuvasco clouds (translation: really bad storms, when the sky gets yellow/gray/pink and you know tornadoes/hail/sever thunderstorm can't be too far .) It was times like this when my grandmother used to come out with her knife and cut the skies (to lesson the severity of the storm.) When I got back into the truck I went to the local news station websites (WOAI, KENS, KSAT) and found out they were saying it was a combination of ash from the fires in Central Mexico and a dust storm in Texas that had collided with the rain storms to form Mud showers.


  1. Wow. I didn't see it in Dallas, but that's something.

    Dallas Daily

  2. I reckon it didn't go as far north as Dallas if you didn't see it, but I know they saw it in Arizona also. They were calling it milky rain there. Whatever you call it, it sure was read. I do remember a couple of years ago when there were fires in Mexico and we were all smoky here too, but I don't remember it raining mud then.

  3. it sure looks weird and worrisome.