Monday, July 14, 2008

Alamo Graffiti

I found this last week while walking by the Alamo. This carving was made by L.B. (Lafayette Bowyer) Wood, who was obviously stationed at the Alamo in 1856, when it served as an Army quartermaster's depot. After a little research I found that he was a West Point graduate and he died only two years later. He is buried in Virginia.

Now don't get any ideas to try and carve your name into the Alamo. They frown on that these days.


  1. I’m compiling a bibliography of “Texas Historical and Literary Blogs,” and yours had been selected as one of the entries. The list will be published as the August issue of “Will’s Texana Monthly.” Can you contact me by email to establish an email through which I can forward you a copy of the annotated list? Thanks. Will Howard ( )

  2. It's always interesting walking through the history. Great discovery.

  3. Sure love your blog. Thank you for keeping it going!
    We added a link to SADP on our neighborhood blog,
    Come take snapshots in our part of town sometime!