Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Up a Tree

up into the wild green yonder
Living in San Antonio, I sometimes wonder at the abundance or lack of trees in the city. There are some spots where you can see nothing but tree tops and other spots where there is nary a tree in sight. This one is in downtown. I love to see trees in urban areas. I only wish this tree had a little bench around it or somewhere you could sit to read or just relax. I remember the trees we had in our backyard growing up and I miss them. Right now we have two trees in our yard, a little barely grown one in the front and a normal sized one in the back.


  1. Up in the northwest there's a neighborhood where the streets are named Timber something (Timber Belt, Timber Loche, etc.). I have relatives who live there. One of them told me that when it was being developed, the man in charge of it all, instead of mowing down the trees to build endless lines of houses, designed the house layouts so that they would fit in and around existing trees. It's a pretty neighborhood, trees everywhere.

  2. I wish all developments were like that Alan. I hate it when the shopping megaplexes and huge subdivisions wipe the land clear. It's so maddening and sad too.

  3. I love this photo! I often like to take photos from unusual perspectives, especially of trees. Great job!