Monday, July 07, 2008

Old Post Office

This used to be the main post office in San Antonio. It is located adjacent to the Alamo on Houston and Alamo streets. It was designed by Paul Cret, who also designed the main building and tower at the University of Texas


  1. This is officially the "Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building and United States Courthouse." The Federal Court (Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division) was moved at some point to the newer round building on Durango St. (officially H.F. Garcia Memorial Boulevard)near the Texas History Museum.

    It is still the main Federal Building in S.A. It has various departmental offices, Federal Bankruptcy Court, and used to have the Immigration Court (now moved to Dolorosa, across from El Mercado. I spent a bit of time in the Immigration Courtrooms on the fifth floor as a law student and a law clerk for a local immigration law firm in 17-99.

    The original interior is replete with marble and polished granite... columns, floors, etc., but has seen some unfortunate renovations over the decades that take away from former splendor, though they no doubt make for more workable office space. It has a grand interior courtyard, and fine views of the Alamo and surrounding S.A. downtown buildings.