Friday, July 18, 2008

Birthday Roses

beautiful roses
Just a picture of flowers, but I had never seen quite this color before so I thought they'd make a pretty picture. My grandmother used to have roses all over her front yard and back yard of every color-red, orange, yellow, white, maroon and gods know what else. She had this thing that she did, whenever one of the family got roses she asked for a cutting and planted it. (I'm trying that with these and see if they'll bloom for me.)

My grandmother also had sunflowers in the side yard. They took pity on us kids and let us plant wildflowers up the sidewalk. In the front yard we also had a peach and pecan tree, and one other fruit tree. My grandparent's yard was so pretty that people stopped and took photos of it, and I had to stand guard right after school to prevent people picking my grandmothers flowers. I only wish I had pictures of what it looked like then.

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