Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tilting at Windmills

I've seen this a few times and was able to grab a pic of it this time. According to the brick in front of the property it's the Hyatt Regency Resort. Whenever I see these windmills I wonder if they are in working order.


  1. The windmill actually is on the property across from the Hyatt Resort... there is a good sized apartment complex there, and I think it is called "Wind [something]."

    No, the windmill is not hooked up to any pump or anything. Last time I saw it, it would only rock back and forth, never turning all the way around, because it is off balance. Just decor for the apartment development.

    This is right across Hwy 151 from Seaworld, near Ruby's BBQ.

  2. Its actually decor for the Hyatt Hillcountry Resort. Thats a new apartment the windmills been there a long time.