Friday, August 17, 2007

Adopt a Child

Donated School supplies
For two days of the year I get volunteered to help with the Adopt a Child program. This program is run by the social worker at the De Paul Family Center here in San Antonio. They match up children from some of the nearby districts who need assistance getting ready for school with donors willing to help. They get everyone from big name local companies who adopt out multiple kids to a family who wants to make sure that the kids have what their kids have, or sometimes it's just an individual that remembers what it was like to be without and so now tries to make sure that at least one less person does not do without.

Every year it's a lot of work (I think this year they did upwards of 400 kids), but in the end it's worth it. I just mainly do manual labor. We move the packages from where they are stored to their final destination. Usually it's a local church hall, but this year it was held at the De Paul Family Center because of the threat of Rain. The supplies were stored in three daycare rooms and other areas as needed.

Volunteers, volunteers is what makes this work. We had some in the morning and some in the afternoon. There was a lot of milling about and planning and changing of plans, but at the end of the day, the picture above is what resulted.

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