Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lining Up for School

lining up
For most of these kids its the first day of school. I know for one in the bunch it is. He had a hard time following he teachers directions to form a line. She kept going up and down the line and asking them to form a line, and for the most part they listened, but as soon as her attention was elsewhere they once again started losing their cohesion. These little ones are so cute—for them school is still a thing they want to do. I'm so far gone I can't even remember that feeling. :D


  1. A very colorful and cute back-to-school photo!

  2. forming orderly queues is something that seems to been forgotten these days

  3. They'll soon be turned into proper little conformists I'm sure. Such a shame...the exuberance of childhood squashed over and over again!
    Sydney Daily Photo

  4. rambling: This was the second day of school, since the first day I forgot =8O my camera and had to use my sisters camera phone, which kind of does not rock!

    hyde dp: That does seem to be the case, or even if the queues are formed people are always jockeying back and forth trying to keep or better their place in line.

    sally: ain't that the truth! I'm on the other side now, but I remember when I was little, I was always struggling against especially adults, not necessarily those in authority, like teachers and such cause they could do stuff to me, but pushy relatives and such who were always trying to get me to confirm.

  5. I loved Montessori schools, they encouraged non-conformity! (At least the one my daughter went to did). This is such a dear image...

    CAthy B.