Friday, August 10, 2007

Southwest School of Art & Craft Navarro Campus

Southwest School of Art & Craft
The title is pretty self explanatory for this pic. I've yet to be able to go across and take a look at this place—not even sure if I could get in, although I think it is open to the public. I see people come in and out of here sometimes, especially as I'm waiting to get picked up or just been dropped off. I know they are currently advertising for a Botero exhibit.


  1. Nice shot! Please come in - although the Botero exhibition is now gone, and the next exhibition opens on Sept 6. Exhibitions are museum-quality, always free, open to the public.
    Besides the big exhibition space, the rest of the building contains large professional visual arts teaching studios for photography, metals/jewelry, printmaking, painting and digital imaging.

    Don't be shy, come on in!
    Cathy B.

  2. Cathy: Thanks for the comment and the invite. It always surprises me when someone local sees and comments on the blog. :D

    Next time I have a chance I'll go in and visit—maybe take a shot or two that will make the blog again.

  3. Well, Shorty, I check out the "Daily Photo" pretty often! But if you stop in, grab a catalog & check out the photography classes - we also teach kids pinhole photography (!) at Sat. Morning Discovery, and we have a whole gallery designed for photography exhibits...great darkroom, and etc etc. Photography is one of our favorite things...hehehehe