Tuesday, August 07, 2007

San Antonio Flag

San Antonio flag
I thought it only fitting, this being San Antonio Daily Photo that I post a picture of the City of San Antonio flag. I got this photo going into work today. Normally it's all highway but today there was a traffic snarl and we exited right after the Alamodome. I don't normally get to see this stretch so I took some photos out of the window. I'm not sure what this building is, but I liked the flag. I can't say I like the flag too much. I think it would look better without the Alamo, but what do I know. :D


  1. I'm with you on this. San Antonio's flag is one of the few that actually look pretty cool. I can take or leave the Alamo in the star, but I think the overall design is good.

  2. I dig it.

    I just didn't know we had a flag. Do we also have an official city flower or official city animal?

    We'll need pictures of those as well.

  3. Dave: Not sure about the City stuff but I'll look it up and do my best to comply with your request. :D

    I do know the states official animals (google search). They are as follows:
    State Animal: Armadillo State Bird: Mockingbird
    State Mammal: Mexican Free-Tailed Bat
    State Reptile: Texas Horned Lizard
    State Mammal: Longhorn
    State Insect: Monarch Butterfly
    State Dog: Blue Lacy
    State Fish: Guadalupe Bass

    Some of those I might actually have a chance of getting a snap of, at least the armadillos, if you like them squashed, as I tend to see quite a few of them on the way home on the highway. :D