Wednesday, August 01, 2007

King Kong Nachos 1/2 Order

King Kong Nachos 1/2 order
We went to Chacho's today. I wanted the King Kong nachos but the small order, which my co-workers assured me was doable. Well this is what I ended up with. I had to struggle with the tray, hoping I wouldn't drop it. I ended up opening up the patio door with my behind. I ate a few, my co-workers ate a few, but I still ended up taking most of the order home to my sisters. I also had a few sips of a Strawberry Margarita, now I'm not a drinker, and while I don't see myself going to Chacho's especially for their margarita's, I must admit it wasn't bad—I'd still prefer a medium cherry slush from Sonic's, but oh well. :D

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