Thursday, August 16, 2007

Off Kilter City

Fluffy gray clouds
Took this shot on the way into work. It's been really rainy in San Antonio lately, so gray skies have been more the norm than blue ones. In the background you can see the Tower of Americas (heard all their elevators will be in working order soon) and that under construction stuff is going to be some huge hotel.


  1. We are in a heat wave here in southern Ohio. All sorts of warnings about excessive heat and humidity. And schools closed early. Flooding north of us.

    Your photo looks pretty neat.

    Not normal.

    Abraham Lincoln
    My Birds Blog

  2. Hey Ab: Don't get me wrong, it's been hot too, and very humid. The air seems so heavy sometimes that it seems I can barely breathe. If I'm in air conditioning and then come out into the heat everything fogs up and gathers condensation—I was worried last time because my cell, digi cam and laptop all had a bit of sweat a few days ago.