Saturday, August 11, 2007

Macy's at South Park Mall

Macy's at SouthPark Mall
Took a quick trip to South Park Mall today. Stopped mainly to get a look-see at the book store there. It's the only one in the south side so it's not like I have much choice. My sister stopped off and looked at the perfumes, she's been interested in the new Sarah Jessica Parker scent—which she didn't end up liking and neither did I when I got a whiff of it. I of course always do a walk by the silver jewelry. I left the mall a little lighter in the pocket thanks to the bookstore and Hot Topic, but I was glad to get out of was a madhouse—maybe cause it was Saturday night who knows. :D


  1. Ah, your priorities are correct! Spending money in a bookstore is money well-spent! Enjoy reading!

  2. someday i can go shopping in macys too...

  3. Kate: That's about the only place I waste money. I always say that even if I was a richie rich I would always be in danger of beggaring myself on books. I did indeed enjoy the reading—I'm just about done with the 6 or so books that I bought, of course later on that week I went right back and got another book.

    tp: Is there no Macy's where you're at? If not, what kind of stores are there? I'm just so nosy. :D