Saturday, July 01, 2006

DP Theme Day: My Supermarket

My grocery store, not 2 minutes away (drive) from my house. HEB is a Texas chain grocery store.

I took pictures during an actual shopping trip yesterday afternoon. For comparison, this was my grocery list/bill. Many things were on sale as it is the beginning of a holiday weekend here.
3 liter Dr. Pepper $1.79 (€1.40)
1 lb. sugar $1.54 (€1.20)
Plain yogurt $1.59 (€1.24)
6 pack Shiner Hefeweizen beer $5.49 (€4.29)
1 can vegetable broth .89 (€.69)
2 small cans sliced black olives $1 (€.78)
1 container salt .34 (€.26)
1 small can cashews $3.37 (€2.63)
1 container hard tofu $1.29 (€1)
1 package shredded mozzarella $1.44 (€1.12)
200 feet aluminum foil $5.39 (€4.21)
1 lb. strawberries $1.99 (€1.55)
3 ears of corn on the cob $1 (€.78)
2 red bell peppers $1.54 (€1.20)
1 sm piece ginger .14 (€.10)
1 sm bag small red potatoes $3.99 (€3.12)
15 cremini mushrooms $1.82 (€1.42)
2 small zucchini .84 (€.65)
3 large carrots .50 (€.39)
3 bananas .55 (.43)
1 bag Spicy Thai chips $1.59 (€1.24)
1 sm bag radishes .50 (€.39)
2 large portabello mushrooms $3.99 (€3.12)
6 whole wheat rolls $1.99 (€1.55)
Whole wheat bread $1.79 (€1.40)
12 eggs $1.89 (€1.47)
12 pack LaCroix orange spring water $3.34 (€2.61)

Tax $1.30 (€1.01)

Total $52.89 (€41.38)

How does it stack up to your supermarket?

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  1. Very hard to compare prices but the strawberries seem expensive and the bananas cheap.

    I notice that your tax gets added at the end. That bugged me the one time I visited the States. Here in the UK the price in shops always includes the tax so you know exactly how much you are paying.

  2. Gearld, tax is such a tough subject. Some states reduce or eliminate tax on basic necessities but tax other items. Sometimes the same item packaged two different ways is taxed in one case but not the other. So I agree including the tax in the price is a good idea.

    Sarah, I am ashamed to admit we buy the same items week after week and rarely check the prices. I guess you would call us brand loyal.

  3. What are those covered stands out front? Your supermarket is less institutional looking than the ones here in Virginia. Most of the new supermarkets here have no windows, I suppose to deter thieves or vandals. But it sure makes them look like prisons.

  4. It's nice to compare prices.

  5. OK Sarah, Jenny of Sharon, CT gets award for emotional post of the day - you get the award for creative and indepths theme post of the day - I am very impressed with the level of detail and hopefully will try to get you a price comparison of some of the items here - it would be interesting since hawaii prices may be a little or more higher.

    Ah yes, I forgot to mention Dana is from Texas haha

  6. Thanks!

    Gerald -- I thought that the strawberries were a bargain! They were even on sale. We typically get good produce prices, when it comes from Mexico. Bananas are always cheap here.

    Denton -- I don't often price check either. I was shopping at a different supermarket (SuperTarget) as of late, and I don't even know how the prices stack up!

    Marie -- The covered stand on the left is a huge soda can. I think they sell drinks out of it on the weekends.

    Danafaye -- Are you crazy???

  7. Funny you mentioned the bananas because I was going to give a few price comparisons:

    12 bananas $0.65
    1 lb. strawberries $0.52
    12 eggs $1.16
    each ears of corn $0.12
    1 lb. potatoes $0.25
    5 lbs. sugar $1.94

  8. Fantastic post, and as I do the shopping in our house hold I am going to print out the list and make a comparison.

  9. I'm always looking for a bargin so this was very interesting for me to compare prices. Our prices are pretty similar. What I was really thinking about was, what are you going to make with all this stuff?

  10. EAT IT! Hahaha. Let's see. I did make homemade vegetable pickles with one of the bell peppers, radishes, (leftover broccoli), and carrots.

    The olives, cremini mushrooms and mozzarella were for a pizza we made on Friday night.

    Tomorrow we are grilling the portabello mushrooms (on the rolls for sandwiches) and the corn on the cob.

    Things like eggs, potatoes, spring water, bread, yogurt, salt, sugar etc. are thing I always have on hand.

    The beer, chips and soda have been, (ahem) consumed, no explanation necessary.

    Interesting to see prices from all over! Thanks everyone for taking the time. Interesting to see that in Guatemala, bananas are inexpensive (here too, really) but expensive in Europe. And as a FYI: the beer I bought is probably a "middle" beer, in that I could have bought some much more expensive, but also really spent less. I love the Shiner, plus it was on sale!

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