Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Robert E. Lee Apartments

I always think it's funny to see this building advertise that it is 100% air conditioned. I guess back in the day you had to tell people that. The people that live here currently are mostly seniors I think, and you can only make so much else you can't live there—there's also no parking.


  1. That sign cracks me up too. I didn't know it was for seniors...it would be a great location! I wonder what it is like inside??

  2. It's pretty nice the parts that's I've seen. My sister managed it for a while.

  3. the no parking thing shouldn't be a problem for you shorty!

  4. One always likes to have choices Sarah.

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  6. The manager is the sorriest ever, the elevator is constantly going out, along with the water pressure going low. Noise from the (2) RAT HOLES down stairs on Flores St. If you like the slums this is the perfect place for you.