Friday, July 21, 2006

I Scream, You Scream...

Ug. Despite the 30 seconds or rain that parts of the city had yesterday, its been really really hot here. We are now in Stage 1 of water restrictions. Makes me want to sit around and eat ice cream.


  1. Having sympathy pains for you--we are all sweltering in the northern hemosphere, it seems. (Record temps in Seattle, even.) Love the old sign. I haven't thought of Borden's since childhood. We don't get that brand out here anymore. Wishing you cool breezes!

  2. AWWW I miss Borden's. We don't
    have it anymore either :(

    Cool Sign!

  3. I feel for you guys who are suffereing from the heat wave that is spreading throughout the continental united states - I feel fortunate to be able to sit under a coconut tree with the warm sand between my toes and cool ocean water washing up on shore and ocean mists to cool my sun tanned body as i sip on my ice chilled pina colada and ...
    * big smiles *

  4. Kala you are tormenting us! I can't remember a day since early spring when it hasn't been at least 90 degrees. South Texas is awful in the summer, but the winters are mild and pleasant.

  5. Sun and sand sounds very cool. But currently I'm just enjoying the cool raining side of Connecticut and I love it!