Wednesday, July 26, 2006


SADP goes nightclubbing? No! This was taken in what's called the 'blue room', the entry way to the library. The artist designed it to be soothing, a place to leave the outside world.


  1. Your coool shot is like an abstract piece of art. It IS pretty calming, even on screen :-). I like the shifts in color between blues and black. Very nice. Also lacks any hint of heat. . .hope you are surviving okay,

  2. I'd love to see the rest of the library! WOW!

  3. Jenni just for you, here are photos of the library we've posted on this blog before. I'll try to post a set that covers more of the library to flickr soon.

    2nd Floor
    Fiesta Tower by Dale Chihuly.
    4th Floor
    Patio area where the staff eats lunch and attends the staff socials.
    Stairs leading from the 4th floor patio to the 5th floor patio.
    Training Room
    Soledad view
    Augusta view

  4. Thanks Shorty...I was going to get around to linking to all of that.

    The library is a very cool building to work in, you just forget when you are there everyday. Take it for granted!

  5. funky entry way, I say! :)

  6. deceiving! inside the library is dark and you'll have glow in the dark books?!

  7. trippy! and now I see why you left the raspas comment over at mark's. good one sarah! hope you girls are well ;)

  8. Your library just seems way cooler than my library.

  9. ha - that was pretty funny - I thought u guys went out for some serious San Antonio partying - knowing how Texas gals can live it up - - looks relaxing -