Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Candlelight Coffeehouse

Mar07 023

Went to Candlelight last Thursday with some friends from work. Though it was "Knit Nite" there was not a lot of knitting going on, as usual of late. We had a great time however. I had not been back to Candlelight in years and was so happy to hear that they went smoke-free. I loved it before but the cigarette smoke was so heavy that I had a hard time enjoying myself. And sitting outside is great but there are the mosquitos to contend with (they provide Off spray but on me, that doesn't always work).

This use to be a gas station. When we go back, I'll snap a shot of the inside, which is a big open seating area with a bar. A beverage bar but also a dessert bar -- yum! There's the main building but also a big courtyard in the back, which is where we sat plus also a little cottage I think they now use for storage.

Anyway, we went back, had a great time, had some yummy food, had a super pot of tea and just chilled with friends. It was wonderful. This is the fish pond right behind our table. And you see a couple on the other side, enjoying dinner. It was super. Highly recommend a visit to anyone passing through this way. It on N. St. Mary's near the Highway 281 overpass.

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