Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Storm Damage

broken tree
As we were driving into work today we saw some broken trees from the storm yesterday. We had a lot of lightening for the most part, and for a while there, we thought there might be a tornado, but we were luckier than the people of Eagle Pass.


  1. Hey Shorty, we had a bad storm in Seguin as well. Debris everywhere and lost a limb or two on the pecan and the logustrom but you're right, we are luckier than the poor folks south of us! And then today turns out to be gorgeous, sunny, dry and 87 degrees.

  2. Not to be too critical, but it's "lightning", not "lightening".

    And, well, while I'm at it - the tree is "ligustrum".

    OK, now you all hate me, but spelling is a pet peeve. Sorry.

  3. Thank you for paying attention to our spelling for us, Anonymous. I knew if I got that wrong, someone would let me know how to spell it.

  4. It's a relief that you haven't been affected by a larger storm so far, since it will cause a huge amount of structural damage if it happens. I am also lucky that the tornadoes that hits our place so far (and in my experience) was a F0 tornado, and it ripped some of my roofing apart which is pretty vexing at some point. But thankfully, I know of a reputable people who does roofing in Indianapolis, IN which lessens my problems somehow.