Thursday, April 05, 2007

Remember....the Alamo?

Hey, look! It's the Alamo! Wait...something doesn't look right. Where's the Long Barracks? And the DRT library? What happened to the sidewalk in front? And it looks Hmmm...

It's not really the Alamo. It's a credit union off Loop 410 built to look like the Alamo. Sometime when I have out of town guests, I'm going to bring them here.
"Here we are! The DRT needed more revenue, so they turned it into a credit union."


  1. Ah, the Shrine to Texas Banking!

  2. The Alamo. I thought it was in the portal picture.

    I wondered why they had made so many changes to the front. And no tourists milling around. LOL

    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. Ha ha, that is a good one Tex. Did any Texana/DRT loyals see this post? ;)