Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fiesta Flambeau Parade '07

Went to our first Flambeau Parade this year and had a great time. We were fortunate enough to have seats, I can't imagine standing for hours during the parade but there were lots of people doing that. You can buy seat tickets from a variety of businesses along the parade route. Our seats were on Alamo St., close to the Alamo, and it was a very nice location and a perfect evening for a night parade. This is one of the biggest night parades in the country apparently.

The first photo is of a group from Houston. Many people joined the parade -- including groups from across Texas but also from Mississippi, Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Oregon, Maryland, New Jersey and Mexico! The music was wonderful and it was just neat to see how happy people are during the parade.

The second photo below was just neat b/c it reminded me of my niece who loves dragons so I snapped this one for her. Plus, I love the title this woman has, President of the Order of the Cascaron (those confetti eggs you crack on people's heads!). I don't know what her role is but that's a cool title to have.

For more information about Flambeau, visit their site.

Cool ride